This is one of my very first attempts of writing a "Love" song. I was about sixteen. I based the general idea on an experience I had in Highschool when I had to go away to Toronto for a period of almost two weeks (which was a looooong time for me at the time), leaving my boyfriend behind. It's based on the idea of missing someone you care about. All you can think about is them. All you want at that moment is to be with them. I wasn't necessarily "in love" at the time, but when I was writing this song I wanted it to reach much further than Highschool kids. I wanted everyone to beable to relate to it, so I turned it into more of a "love" song rather than a "crush" song, based on the experience of missing someone.


So what if you're miles
away from me
I can't ponder on you forever
So what if the night
is dreary without you
Here to brighten up my sky


All I want is you
Here in my arms
You in my dreams
You here beside me
All I want is you

I figured it'd be a shorter while
Oh and time would pass quickly
But it's certainly not the case this time
And I miss you here in my arms

[go chorus]

All I want is you

[go chorus]

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