It's Been A While 

It's been a while since there have been any updates. As far as I know, Maren is living her life the way she wants. Rumour has it, she has children and is hopefully enjoying her peaceful life.

As such, there's nothing to report here. So, this site will remain "idle" until something changes with Maren's music career. Hopefully she's helping produce other young and talented artists... or perhaps working hard on some new secret album. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy what you have and love life.

~ by Darryl

New Album Soon 

Rumour has it there is a new CD on the horizon from Maren. Of course, being only a rumour I can't back it up with any facts, but I will let you know when I know.

It's not a rumour anymore. The new album is called "Pretty Things." It will be released on iTunes 'within weeks' and in stores shortly after. Hopefully that means by the end of September. I look forward to it!

~ by Darryl

News Article 

There's an article on The Nevada Beehive titled An Exclusive Interview with the Popular LDS Vocalist Maren Ord. It includes me ;) Have a read, it's pretty good.

~ by darryl


By popular demand, I have been re-adding the lyrics (they were once on and old old version of this site, but never made it back...) Slowly but surely, they will show up on the media page with a link beside the respective songs.

As the site undergoes some major changes, you may think it looks "Odd" or "Wrong", don't complain to me about the way the site looks if you are using Internet Explorer. As a developer I have taken a stance of which I shall hold. Read the small disclaimer under the menu.

Happy Surfing!

~ by darryl

Today is the Day for "Not Today" 

not today cover

If you haven't already picked it up, I highly recommend it.

Although I'm sure many people will be iffy about getting it because it's only an EP ("bigger than a single, less than a full album" - 6 tracks), but as I listen to it right now I can say, it's wonderful.

So, pick yourself up a copy and spread the word. Maren's back.

~ by darryl

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